'Share the Love' Referral Scheme

Refer a friend to us & get 

£50 in vouchers* 

when they book any wedding package.

Join our referral scheme in only 2 easy steps & earn yourself £50 to spend on whatever you want, for every couple who books us that you recommend! The more people you recommend, the more you can earn!

Step 1.

       Leave a review & complete our quick feedback form

We love hearing from you, and want to know how you found your experience with us! Your feedback will allow us to improve what you enjoyed & work on what you didn't. Click the links below to visit your preferred review site & access our feedback form.  

Step 2.

       Tell your friends you've found their perfect photographer!

Get your friends to check out our great range of packages & options by visiting our website- www.scpweddingphotography.co.uk & make sure when they contact us to mention it was you who told them to visit- (how else can we say thank you!)

Once your friends booked, we'll email you to let you know and get your vouchers out to you asap!


What vouchers are they?

The vouchers (or gift cards) can near enough be whatever you want! As long as they're genuine vouchers we can purchase, then we'll see what we can do. You're even welcome to select South Coast Pictures and save on your wedding photography or photo booth hire!

If you have no preference then we usually suggest Love to Shop or Amazon vouchers as they cover more or less everything, but as long as they are genuine vouchers or gift cards your welcome to take your pick.

So what are you waiting for! Join the scheme now!

If you have any questions, please contact us!

The Details

1.Due to money laundering regulations, this offer is only for vouchers/gift cards that can be purchased, and not a payment towards something else (with the exception of using it against your purchases from us)- eg. If saving up for your honeymoon, you could have holiday vouchers (assuming the company do them) but not a £50 payment towards your booking.

2. Any comments you provide via the feeback form are totally confidential & will be used only for our own internal information & development.

3. You need to be a current or previous customer to join the scheme

4. If you are a current customer please just complete the feedback form when you wish to join the scheme, and it will be appreciated if you could leave a review once the final package has been delivered to you.

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*Or giftcard