Join our refer a fried scheme

Earn yourself £50 worth of vouchers whenever you recommend someone to us who goes on to book any wedding package!

Why we're opening this scheme

- spread the word

-loved working with you, so looking for other like minded couples

How it works

Joing the scheme

Tell your friends about us

They tell us you referred them

Once booked & secured, we'll email you letting you know and ask for your choice of vouchers.  (our standard is amazon or love to shop, but we're happy to provide any vouchers, as long as we can get them)

How to join in

1. Leave a review

2. Help us improve further by answering the below questions

3. Tell people about us (make sure they mention your name before booking!)

Step 1- Leave a review

Please pick your preferred review site


Step 2- Complete the feedback form

Please help us improve our services further by letting us know how you felt the about dealings with us. 

Your comments are totally confidential, and will only be used internally. 

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