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About us


My names Simon & I'm the wedding photographer here at South Coast Pictures.

I've always had a passion for photography, especially when animals are involved- however it was only when I became a wedding photographer I realised what that passion really felt like. In no other job could I be invitied to spend a day celebrating with a couple & their families, creating a magical set of memories, where everyone is full of love, passion, fun and happiness. Its not work when you enjoy it that much, which is why I've built on increasing the knowledge & experiences continually since forming in 2007!

With my style the most important thing is YOU- 'The happier you are, the better your wedding photographys will be.'

Almost every couple I work with say to us they don't want 'posey' photos, & that they want everyone to enjoy themselves- so thats exactly how the photography works, & we excell in achieving this with our 'Naturally posed approach.' 

'Naturally Posed' is a friendly & unintrusive style of photography, where you quickly get used to having the camera around & enables you & your guests to relax. This allows me to capture stunning images where your personality shines through the photo.

Its a particulary good approach for the dreaded group shots. There's no faffing, no bossing around or uncomfortable poses which speeds things up, whilst keeping the quality high and allows everyone to return to the celebrations quicker. After photographing the group shots you'd like, we take you and your partner to another picturesque setting, give you a few pointers & capture what develops between you. Most couples love this part as its one of the only times they get to be alone together all day!

Check out our gallery page to see what kind of images we can create for you!

Meet The Team

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