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Digital or Printed photographs for my wedding photography?

Updated: Apr 8, 2021


Today I wanted to talk about a topic that I don't believe many couples think about properly, whilst they're choosing their wedding photography package.

That topic is 'What does my package give me at the end?' With any package with any photographer you'll receive some form of photos after your wedding- whether thats in digital format, printed format or a combination of the two.

The video below briefly explains the difference between the two, the advantages of each, and a quick tip to look out for to make sure you're not stung for extra money futher down the line.


South Coast Pictures have been photographing weddings in Portsmouth and the surrounding areas since 2007. Having expanded into photo booths as well in 2015 we've helped hundreds of couples get the most from their big days.

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Simon: Hello, It's Simon from South Coast Pictures.

Just wanted to jump on a quick video to discuss, what is one of the least thought out bits when your choosing a wedding photographer, and that is whether you got print or digital images in your package.

Now I'll start off by saying there is no right or wrong answer whether you have either, or both- it's entirely what you and your partner want to get from the results. However there's a few things to consider & a few pitfalls you might want to avoid.

So firstly 'What is print and digital images?' Prints are the physical things you can touch. They're your paper photographs, they're your canvas', your albums, things like that. Digital are conversly things you can't touch. They're your USB's or downloading from the cloud.

Now digital is a great medium. You can store thousands of photos in one go, and send them all around the world in seconds. One social media post and its gone off to Hong Kong, Austrailia, Singapore, America, where ever your family happen to be. However they are only digital, you actually have to look at them. How many times have you been scrolling through social media, and seen an album and just kept going? Would you really want your wedding album to be ignored? glanced through?

Prints on the other hand are works of art. They'll sit on your wall, sit on your mantle piece, sit on your bookcase & people can't fail to notice them when they come in. You imagine a great big canvas on the wall, people are going to look at it. Its going to be your memories, in your face all the time. The problem with prints is that they are expensive. A good album can set you back a couple of hundred quid just for the book, then you think about the printing, the photographers time to put it all together, it adds a significant amount of money onto your day.

So for us we actually offer digital images as standard, and then if our couples want printed items we can always add that on. Especially now adays there are so, so many times of printed items you can have, like I say albums, canvas', even down to keyrings or playing cards, and everyones different. So we think its better to have that choice.

The one thing we'd say though, which ever way your choosing, double check if you have image rights at the end of it all. (Where's this light going- that way.) The number of times we've seen couples choose a photographer, great package, great price and then either not been able to use the photos how they wanted, or have to pay an exuberant amount of money to get them is quite unbelievable. I had one friend who did a portraiture shoot, nice free shoot- didn't think anything of it, a thousand pound later for just eight pictures! It get's expensive.

So basically when you're choosing your package, make sure you find out what the photographer offers. Are you allowed, if you have digitial are you allowed to post them on social media? If you have prints, again, are you allowed to copy them? If you have digital are you allowed to take them down to the supermarket and get them printed? It all depends on the photographer, some people keep them like their little baby, and they want you to go back to them, because they can charge you 2, 3, 4 times the amount you can get them at a shop for.

It's entirely up to you, but honestly just check your package first.

If you want to talk about your wedding, please click the link below, we're always happy to discuss, even if its just general advise. We've been going what, 13 years so we know more or less what's going on in the industry now adays. Check out our website for works of our, our previous works and things like that, and hope to speak to you soon.

See you soon!

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